Meet the employee recognition platform of the future.

DeeDz empowers everyone to send instant, tangible tokens of appreciation and kindness to each other in a fun and intuitive way.

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Manager & peer to peer recognition

Our different modules will cover all of your organization's recognition needs.

Automated birthdays, work and work anniversary rewards

Seamlessly manage automation and one-off recognition programs.

Social and public recognition

Recognition that is shared with everyone, or privately, you decide.

Unformal, Immediate, and frequent

Don't make your peers wait for end-of-year reviews. Frequent recognition works better!

A better way to manage organization recognition

Fun for your employees, great actionable data for HR executives.

Diversified reward network that your employees will love

Pick up a quick coffee, get those new headphones you wanted delivered, attend an online Yoga class or donate to your favorite charity. Get value from the first DeeD received with our partner network.


Rewards that are redeemable wherever your employees are located, from Amazon gift cards & Spotify memberships to online wellness and experiences, digital rewards will make sure your global workforce takes part in your organization culture.


Our growing catalog of products will allow employees to get their favorite rewards delivered directly to them.

Pick Up

Employees can redeem DeeDz at their favorite local coffee shops and businesses for fun little perks like a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a flower bouquet.


Lunch with the CEO, or best parking spot for a month, we can add rewards that are unique to your organization.

Integrations and API

Integrate DeeDz to your existing workflows to allow employees to recognize each other where they are already communicating.

Slack / Teams

Send recognition directly from your favorite communication platforms. Create a recognition feed revealing the great things happening within your team.


Minimize admin time with our HRIS integrations.


SAML, OAuth, passwordless.
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Insights and user management

Understand your company recognition trends and culture adaptation. Learn about hidden leaders, team players or the organization informal social collaboration map.

Manage team members

Add, remove and edit details for team members from our intuitive management dashboard.


Get the data you need to evaluate culture trends in your organization.


Get detailed usage reports.


Customize rewards, company values and other settings to match your organization culture.

Boost your culture.Start using DeeDz today.

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