The Future of Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Recognition made fun with DeeDz. Innovative, tangible tokens of appreciation and kindness.

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Build a continuous P2P recognition and appreciation culture

Create special moments by empowering everyone in the organization to frequently recognize peers in an intuitive and fun way, celebrating daily wins. Maximize the impact by using our diversified reward network allowing employees to redeem rewards they want from brands they love.

“DeeDz is a great benefit to our community, it's fun, intuitive and easy to use.”

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Boost Employee Engagement

Build stronger working relationships, engage the whole team and allow your employees to show their appreciation to each other.

Social recognition streamlined directly to your organization's social feed with easy to set up integrations.

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Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help navigate company culture

Understand your company recognition trends and culture adaptation. Learn about hidden leaders, team players or the organization informal social collaboration map.

CollaborationNetwork Map of connections within the organization.

LeaderboardFind about hidden leaders within the organization.

Word CloudSee which company values employees connect with most.

ParticipationObserve participation levels over time.

The Platform

Easy to use, fun and flexible with robust management options and tools.

Engage anywhere

With our mobile apps for android and ios, team members can send recognition on the go!


Connect to your company's day to day workflow. Seamlessly use DeeDz from existing communication applications such as Slack and Teams.

Meaningful rewards

Enjoy our diversified rewards network, from a small treat at your local coffee shop, high end electronics, yoga classes, international gift cards all the way to donations to your favorite non-profit.

Drive culture adoption

Manage users, customize settings, and create rules to align with your corporate values.

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