A platform for sending real gestures over virtual channels

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Introducing DeeDz

Do you ever get that feeling that you really want to just make a nice gesture to someone?

For example, to a friend that helped you with something or to a colleague who finished a successful presentation, and you want to let them know you're thinking about them?

You are looking for something that is beyond a Like or an emoji ... but a way to express true appreciation, in a small, casual way.

With DeeDz you can make those gestures and make someone's day a little better. The DeeD will not remain virtual and the recipient will be able to choose where to redeem it from the businesses we work with!


How It Works?

The DeeDz app allows you to send a small message and an actual gesture to whomever you want, with no need to overthink what to buy and for what amount.

The DeeD you send is at a fixed cost of 18 NIS, and allows the recipient of the DeeD to choose where and when to redeem it!

The recipient will be able to go and redeem it where ever he chooses to! He can choose to take a cup of coffee and a pastry / a glass of wine / a chaser / a flower bouquet and more are awaiting in each business that appears in the app.

Choose a contact

Send a DeeD

Share with friends

Reeden the DeeD at the chosen business and enjoy!

Choose where and when to use it

Recieve a DeeD


Where can You Redeem DeeDz?

Received a DeeD and want to know where it can be redeemed?
Want to know where the DeeD you sent can be redeemed?
In each and every one of the businesses we work with, a little treat is awaiting to be collected in exchange for the DeeD you received:

We are constantly expanding the network of businesses, so it's worth checking in the app for new businesses every once in a while!

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Organizations - Interested in joining?

DeeDz is the perfect solution for organizations that want to implement Peer-to-Peer Recognition in an innovative and fun way!

Because with DeeDz you can give positive feedback, a send a tangible small gesture in an easy and immediate way!
With DeeDz, you can express gratitude from and in every direction. 

Contact us for more details on our special product designated for organizations!
Feel free to leave details or send an email to Contact@deedz.net


Business - Interested in joining?

​Join us and take part in our goal - to spread good,  love, and mutuality!
By joining us, you allow people to get acknowledged for their good deeds, and you get some good back for yourself!

Want to know how it works and what you gain from joining us?
Contact us and we will tell you about our cooperation model!
Feel free to leave details or send an email to Contact@deedz.net


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