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Show your appreciation in a causal and unique way with DeeDz – a tangible token of appreciation and gratitude.

IntroducingThe DeeDz App

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to show appreciation or say thanks in a cool way but looking for something that is more than just another Like or an emoji…. For example, a friend that helped you, a colleague who finished a successful presentation or someone you haven’t seen in a long time …

This is exactly why we created DeeDz, so YOU can make those moments meaningful by sending a tangible token of appreciation and kindness and make someone's day a little better.

The person you send a DeeD to will get a redeemable token and he can choose where and when to redeem it: a pizza slice, dried flowers bouquet, coffee, a glass of wine and much more...

How Does It Work?

The DeeDz app allows you to send a small message and an actual gesture to whomever you want, with no need to overthink what to buy and for what amount. The DeeD you send is at a fixed cost of $5 USD, and allows the recipient of the DeeD to choose where and when to redeem it! a cup of coffee and a pastry / a glass of wine / a chaser / a flower bouquet and more are awaiting in each business that appears in the app.

How to use DeeDz diagram
How to use DeeDz diagram

Check out our partner network to see where you can redeem DeeDz today.

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